rcbvracar-logoThe meaning of the coat of arms* of the Rotary Club of Beograd Vracar, from the heraldists databases that are generally available on the Internet:

•    Gold color - an understanding, respect, virtue, glory, generosity of mind and development
•    Blue color - is the truth, faithfulness, steadfastness, strength and loyalty
•    Dove - represents peace, gentleness and purity
•    Lion - represents courage, strength and bravery
•    Unicorn - Unicorn known mythical creature is a symbol of purity and virtue. According to legend, a unicorn horn can cure the sick and clean water.
•    White Rose - represents love and faith, happiness, and the circle of life
•    Sun - represents the power and brilliance

The Latin inscription is actually a Rotarian "four test questions":

•    Verum - Is it true?
•    Iustus - Is it fair to everyone?
•    Benevolentia - Do you build good will and friendship?
•    Beneficium - Is it beneficial for all?

* Coat of arms artwork, as well as the design of the site was done by academic artist Darko Reljic, with the professional technical support from ARIN agency.