10It is a great honor, responsibility and duty to be a member of the Rotary Club. Honor, because the club is behind serious people of high reputation, which you accepted and recommended for membership. Responsibility, as a member it means you in every situation needs to have expressed high human and moral qualities. Duty, as the Rotary is service to help others.
Because Rotary is everywhere respected and recognized organization, and its members are highly quoted in their societies.
Worldwide, there are thirty thousand Rotary Clubs, and all clubs operate on the same principles, share a common organization and guided by the same idea of philanthropy and help the local community. Although it has a lot of different people of all races and countless cultures, professions, Rotary Club anywhere on the globe still has the same value system shared by members of the club.
Therefore, one of the basic principles of work of Rotary club are its members. Many who do not know a Rotary philosophy and ask the same question, how to become a member of the Rotary Club, to become a Rotarian? Whether and how it can become a member of a Rotary club, whether it is necessary to apply, to express a wish to join, who to contact, and related issues.
The answer is simple and unique, valid on all meridians of the world. The Rotary Club invited to enter an existing Rotarian that you first call as a guest in his club, appreciating that have personal and professional qualities to become a Rotarian.
Your personal qualities are qualities that are valued in Rotary, such as honesty, morality, initiative, desire to help people, solidarity, fine manners, education, and civility. Professional quality is your business and professional reputation, career achievements and leadership, your will, initiative and power to help the local community and those who need help.
When a professional is always the potential customer is looking to you is a profession that deals with the guest already present in the Rotary club, that club would not have had more members with the same profession. There is an official rule that in the Rotary Club should not be more than 5% members of identical occupations so that through a variety of occupations club got more functionality in humanitarian projects.
Existing member of a Rotary Club who estimates of his friends and acquaintances meet the high standards required by the Rotary organization. It is essential that you know a good Rotarian and to have confidence in him. Then, access to the standard procedure for the admission of new members to the rules.
From the moment of admission to the club, you become an equal member of Rotary International and all Rotary clubs in the world become more open to you as you become a member of a large international network of people devoted to aid and solidarity.

As Rotarians, we officially adopted the "four test questions" for everything we do, we should ask ourselves:
Is it true?
Is it fair to everyone?
Do you build good will and friendship?
Is it useful for everyone?

The official motto of Rotary is "Service above self" or in free translation, "Selfless serve." This applies to all spheres of life.
Accordingly, it is our honor and commitment to their work, actions and efforts, sincere and honest approach, selfless service, contribute to improving the quality of life in our community where we live.